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Platform of Humility

September 10, 2013

empty-white-podiumA former pastor used to speak of a “having a  platform,” meaning place of honor where we could (and should) glorify God. He was referencing any talent, ability, or accomplishment that would allow an audience where you could give God the glory for that ability.

I agree with this. In this world where self-esteem is preached more than the gospel and where excessive pride in accomplishments is the norm,  if we are given the opportunity to say “Thank you, God for the great work You have done! Thank you for allowing me to accomplish this feat, because You are my strength.”  We should let the world know that we are His – bought with a price to glorify God.
In my case, I find myself on the platform of humility rather than of  grand accomplishment much more often. How can we glorify God in those “losing” situations? Wouldn’t it still be true – that God is worthy of thanks in the midst of a trial and that He is still our strength?
Our response to not only good, but also the bad should be more similar. It should all be thankfulness and praise.

I have seen people call attention to financial need as if it were some seal of spirituality. I have seen those without need flaunt their status as if it were a sign of God’s blessing upon them. Neither of these things is necessarily true.

Our eternal God doesn’t “bless” with such temporary things. True, he provides for our needs and he provides the tools for His servants to carry out His wishes. Remember, every good gift is from Him.
Our ability to glorify Him in any and every situation has to do with our humble response to fame and fortune – or to infamy or loss. It lies in our faith that God is good, and that He has a purpose in taking us on a path that might involve either pain or great victory.
I don’t understand why things happen the way they do, but I remember that His ways are not my ways and of this I am confident: He loves me with an everlasting love, evidenced by the giving of His own Son, and He will strengthen me to accomplish his will.

I will walk the path that You, O Lord, have set before me. I will learn to trust you more and more, and I will thank you in everything.

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  1. Rosie Potter permalink
    September 17, 2013 8:13 pm

    Humility is so elusive, but we are told to humble ourselves, so it is ;possible.
    Sometimes God humbles us, and after the pain, we are glad.
    He is so faithful, and I praise Him.

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