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Independence Day Cookies

July 15, 2013

Independence Cookies 003I saved the cover of my June 2012 Martha Stewart Living magazine because I wanted to make the cookies that were featured on cover again. After I made them last year, I decided that I did not like the cookie or the frosting – after I had tried three different stores looking for the egg white powder that I needed for the meringue frosting that never set up. (I am sure that any cake/cookie decorator would have known right where to get this, but for me it was a mystery.)

The note I wrote on that cover:  “Next year make with a good sugar cookie, frost with regular frosting, and use gel decorating tubes for the design work.”

I could not find my sugar cookie recipe that uses cream cheese, so I searched the internet and found it! I didn’t have almond flavoring, so I used extra vanilla. We decided to leave early for a little road trip to see my in-laws, so the cookie dough was in the fridge all weekend.

I rolled and baked them this morning and left them cooling while we picked up the cat from his surgery. While I was gone, our Labrador puppy ate most of the cookies. Secretly, this made me happy because I knew that since I had already logged a disaster on this project, the rest would go smoothly!

I made the frosting with powdered sugar, about a tablespoon of butter, a bit of vanilla, and a little milk. I made it thin but still spreadable and not running off the sides of the cookie.

After the remaining cookies had cooled, I frosted them while my eager helpers decorated. I explained that they should make two concentric circles of gel color on the frosting and then drag the toothpick through the frosting from the edge to the center and the next stroke from the center to edge. Alternating stroke direction until you reach the place you started.

My creative helpers

My creative helpers

Of course, being the creative thinkers that they are, their designs started to resemble smiley faces. And that’s okay.

my "practice" cookies

my “practice” cookies

Here are the cookies I made. You can see that I was getting better and better with each cookie – but alas, Mudder has eaten my blank canvas and I will never see my masterpiece.

Yes, I know that I am late for the 4th of July, but I prefer to think of it as early for next year.

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  1. Deb VanCuren permalink
    July 15, 2013 3:23 pm

    Love it…especially Mudder’s assistance!

    Sent from my iPhone

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