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September 28, 2012

Only the most important things are getting done these days. There are so many things to keep up with right now that it makes my head spin…… in fact, I am so far behind that my 15-year-old son organized the linen/game closet without being asked. Apparently, this was bothering him too.

Here are a few things that ARE  occupying my thoughts and actions:

Can’t wait to hold him!

My first grandchild. He was born one week ago and his name is “W.” (Well, at least for blogging purposes. 🙂 ) I shall meet him today!

Sports practices are keeping me busy. We are in mid-season for soccer and the high school boys are in pre-season for wrestling.

The item that is filling most of my waking hours right now is school. We are trying to find that elusive rhythm. We will keep trying……  I just wish I could remember where I put it!

The thing that should be filling most of my time is elk hunting preparation. The whole family is going up again this year. It has been about 4 years since we all went and that means that many more coats, mittens, hiking boots, snow boots, warm jackets, long underwear, knives, food, sleeping bags, and ………. have to be gathered, inventoried, and packed.

 Since I am a political junkie, I need to keep up on all the election news. If I had my ballot, I would vote today. My yard is sprouting signs and I have practiced my speeches on why I hope  Mitt Romney will win the presidency over Barack Obama. And, yes, I do have opinions about the state and local races that I love to talk about also. 🙂

Things that ARE NOT occupying my time right now:

Baseball. The Colorado Rockies held their last home game yesterday. We won! but alas, we did not win enough this regular season to play ball in October. I have to admit it is much more fun being a fan when we are winning.

My garden and yard. The tomatoes are ripening and the zucchini is slowly growing. The cucumbers have stopped producing, but the spinach and chard are enjoying the cool weather.  The leaves on the trees are turning and I can even hear the scratching sounds as the wind blows them along the neighborhood pavement.

How is your fall shaping up?

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