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Those Little Bumps in the Road…..

August 30, 2012

We are back from a beautiful wedding and my family has officially grown by another daughter (in-law). Welcome Josy!

This past month has been full of the unexpected….. By faith, I believe that these bumps in the road are for my benefit and growth. It is by faith, because at this point in time, I can not see how any of these “unexpected events” are for my best.

The most surprising of these happenings this month:

  • My dislocated finger – Emergency room, hand specialist, then leaving town for 10 days which set my recovery back.
  • My husband dropped his cell phone  and broke the screen – which at the time seemed like a big deal, but now pales in comparison. 🙂
  • David broke his leg in a friendly wrestling match with a brother WHILE we were on vacation. Another urgent care visit and more specialists. He will have surgery next week.
  • The transfer case needed to be replaced on our SUV while we were on vacation. Try to imagine a family of 8 needing a ride to every wedding event for three days before a wedding. Thank you to my gracious and benevolent  extended family, my friends, Josy’s immediate family. You are the best!

I am tempted to wallow in stress and self-pity since I didn’t plan for these things. They all come at a price of time and money. But I am choosing to trust in my faithful heavenly  Father. He knows my every need and I will wait on Him. Maybe that alone is the benefit for me.

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