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Help, I Can’t Type….. or much of anything else

August 12, 2012

We started school last week and it went well. I am so thankful!

I meant to get a review of This Momentary Marriage by John Piper written, before I forgot all the great things about it, but I was busy with school, the garden, and life.

Then on Friday night at Grace’s first soccer game of the season, I made a rookie soccer-mom mistake. I tried to stop a ball that was headed out-of-bounds at mach 1 and a good 18 inches above my head. I failed. I did get my hand on it though, well at least a small portion of my hand.  I dislocated a knuckle on my pinky finger.

This picture is two days after the injury and the swelling is still in my hand.

I ended up in an emergency room  for the rest of the evening.  It hurts more now than when it happened, but it is starting to look like a finger again. 🙂 I only posted the after picture since the before is rather disturbing.

It’s not on my dominant hand, but do you know how many things you do with your non-dominant hand? EVERYTHING except writing and throwing.

Since we are still breaking-in a new school year and getting ready for a wedding in the family….. I will skip blogging for a few weeks until I can type faster. But I really need to write and old-fashioned long-hand review of This Momentary Marriage for you all.

Have a great week!

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