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When Are You Starting School?

August 2, 2012

One of the best reasons to love homeschooling is the flexibility.  You can take longer when a student is having difficulty and you can go faster when they are “getting it.” But, you can also start and stop at convenient times  for your family.

As I looked at the calendar, mulling over the start date for our homeschool, I started thinking of all the upcoming events:

  • Gary and Josy’s wedding
  • a visit from my dad
  • grandson arriving
  • a family wedding to attend
  • and then the family elk hunting trip.

As I calculated my options, I realized that about the time when we finally had two to three weeks of uninterrupted school time, it would be nearly Thanksgiving.  That is just the time when wrestling season moves into full swing and “visions of sugar plums start dancing in our heads.”

Well, there is only one thing to do. We are starting school on Monday. I am eager to get back to the routine and this will give us a few extra weeks to make up for the days that we will be engaged in other activities – even though it won’t fix the problem of having only two to three weeks of school at a time. 🙂

We usually start in the last week or two of August, but there have been many years that we started the Tuesday after Labor Day. It seems that I plan to finish by the first week of June, but I can’t remember when we didn’t take at least a few more days to finish up. At least here in Colorado, other school children are starting next week too. That will soften the blow that summer is ending a bit earlier than usual in this house.

Our four-day week will still allow us plenty of time for gardening and canning and maybe even a field trip or two before winter arrives.

So, while school will add  more to do in our busy lives, it will also add structure. Maybe I am getting old enough to realize that I am more productive with structure.

What factors do you consider when picking a start date for school?

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