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Garden Update for July

July 31, 2012

I was out of town the last week of June and when I returned, well, I had a major surgery. My garden suffered for it and I have a few pictures to show it.  The before pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago and it took me about a week to get the weeds pulled.

My poor neglected garden.

The most wonderful thing about a vegetable garden is that it can often bounce back with some attention. We are back in business now.

I decided to pull the peas before I went to Utah since they were not producing. Peas prefer the cool temperatures of early spring. When I made it out to pull them and plant more radishes, spinach, and Swiss chard it was already mid-July and the tops were turning brown. I had one of the boys grab the pea fence and give it a strong pull since I was (am still am 😦 ) on lifting restrictions. Before re-planting I was pulling what was left of the peas and realized that there was lots of new growth on the bottom of those plants…… oh, well, I probably should have checked that before ripping them from the ground. Here is what the bed looked like after I cleaned it out:

Ready for a second crop of spinach and radishes.


The kids did a good job of keeping the beans picked for me, but it does seem like I was missing some entire bean plants.  And there are some that were broken, but you can’t complain when it is volunteer labor. All is better now, since I filled in the bare patches and the new plants are already blooming.

I am not sure it the leaf scars are from hail or airsoft BBs – I probably don’t want to know either.

The tomato patch has probably taken the biggest hit from the neglect. In a good year, I add more ties and supports every week and generally take a lot of care in pruning out the suckers on the limbs. They had grown so much in the time I was away that it seems a mass of vines. All those vines are blooming and there are lots of tomatoes growing, but I wonder if in the middle of that jungle there are red tomatoes that I am missing.

The only basil that survived.

I thought (actually, I KNOW, but I didn’t want to embarass him…..)  I gave my son that mows for me careful instructions to PULL  the weeds by the fence and NOT to spray them when he was spraying the weeds by the woodpile. Apparently he did not recognize the basil, peppers, and cucumber seedlings, but he was careful not to get the weed killer on the grass. Two pepper plants and one basil plant survived along with most of the cucumbers. That is good because it means a much better fate for Jake too. 🙂 In fact, the cucumbers are busy growing up the wire fencing that I nailed to the wood fence and we are already enjoying their fruit. (Which is a good thing since I was growing tired of zuchinni. 🙂 )

The roses are starting to bloom again too.  Yeah!

The after pictures were taken about 10 days ago and I am surprised how much everything has grown since then. I should probably do an August update tomorrow – or better yet, post my updates in a timely manner.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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