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Painting My Stairs – Part 2

June 8, 2012

These are some of my thoughts after completing the primer coat of painting my stairway. They are a bit tongue-in-cheek and meant to give you a laugh-or at least a smile.

There ought to be some kind of mental competency test for people who are thinking about doing this to see if you are really able to make this big of a decision.

It has been more work and more time-consuming than I ever thought possible from taking the carpet up, pulling millions of staples, paying bribing my youngest children to pull staples, finishing the job of pulling staples myself, and then priming the bare wood.

I like to paint, but I realized that I enjoy painting large expanses of walls.  First, I make myself do a meticulous job of cutting in the corners and the trim, since I don’t want it to look like I did it myself, then I happily paint those large expanses of wall. 🙂

Painting your stairs is all cutting – no wide expanses. 😦

Think twice before painting something that wasn’t meant to be painted, i.e. you can see the gridded circles from a carpenter’s framing hammer – then you know it was meant to be covered up.

I remember reading blogs about painting stairways, but I don’t remember anyone saying how much work it was going to be or how much time it would take to paint around the busy schedules of a family of eight who need to use the stairs for EVERYTHING!  But maybe I just tuned those comments out since they certainly didn’t apply to me.  Ha ha! I have never been afraid of hard work, I built a bricked in patio one week when my husband to the boys to a father/son wrestling camp. I thought I could do anything!

Getting older is hard on your knees and shoulders, but maybe not as hard as painting your stairway.

Right now I am hoping this project is like giving birth, extremely hard, but when you get done, it is so worthwhile. I can always hope!


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