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June 4, 2012

Last year Bear came home from working at camp with a new skill. She learned to make funnel cakes. When she tried to teach her brothers, this important survival skill they spilled hot oil over the top of kettle and onto my new stove. I had to use a match to light the gas for a month! Then I banned the making of funnel cakes indoors.

I told them we could use the smoker burner outside to fry any future funnel cakes, but secretly, I really wanted to make donuts. 🙂

I love raised donuts, but for our inaugural batch, we made cake donuts to save time. These are cinnamon flavored (hence the darker color.) Grace is shaking them in a sugar and cinnamon mixture.

Even if the donuts were not that tasty, we had fun.

Notice Bear, (and disregard the lawn mower in the background of the picture. 🙂 )who recently earned her EMT certification, making the universal choking sign as she smiles…… This is probably an unconscious gesture, since they were not THAT bad, but we are still looking for a  great recipe.

Do you have any great donut recipes? Cake or raised??

What fun are you having this summer?

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