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Book Review: The Last Plea Bargain

May 17, 2012

The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer and published by Tyndale House is about a hard-hitting prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. Jamie Brock does NOT believe in plea bargains.

Jamie is fighting a million different emotional battles in this novel. First, her mother’s killer has just about run out of appeals, while her father is dying after suffering a stroke, her boss is running for Attorney General of Georgia,  and she is the lead prosecutor in a case involving another high-profile defense attorney – the same attorney who defended her mother’s murderer.

Enter Mace James, the innocent but convicted felon, who experienced salvation in prison and then is released for saving a guard’s life.   He is an unconventional law professor taking on cases to make sure no one is put to death that might be innocent. He is the lawyer filing defense motions for a stay of execution for Antoine Marshall, Jamie’s mother’s killer.

I loved this book. It has the same draw as a good John Grisham novel. The characters are believable and the unexpected twists of the plot are not stretched. In fact, I didn’t even realize that my crime thriller was going to end up as a “who-done-it?” mystery – but I am glad it did.

Randy Singer has a unique perspective as a novelist since he is also a pastor and lawyer. There are strong appeals for justice, mercy, and forgiveness in the novel. We see our flawed characters within their relationship with God and glimpse the  effects of the relationship (or stagnantcy thereof) on decisions they make. And even when viewing their failings, we still hope for redemption.

I invite you not only enjoy the novel, but also to consider our legal system with its strengths and failures.

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