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Baseball (My Guilty Pleasure)

May 2, 2012


photo credit: cliff1066 (flickr creative commons)

I have a hobby that has NOTHING to do with homemaking, or homeschooling, or even being a wife or a mom….. It is not even something world-changing or personally profitable. I guess that makes it a “guilty pleasure.”

I am a fan of Colorado Rockies – MLB. I don’t usually watch games, but I listen to them on the radio as much as possible. If we are doing something as a family, I might even slip away to the computer and check the score.

I think baseball and radio go together like apple pie and ice cream. It is the perfect way for me to enjoy a game. The game moves along at that laid-back pace and if I miss an inning or two, it won’t matter, I can easily catch up.

Most of the season, I only concern myself with the Rockies, but when August is drawing to a close, I will even keep track of the other teams in our division. And at the end of September, I might even peak at the records of the top teams in the American League.

I can’t explain where this love of baseball came from. My husband used to play amateur ball before we were married. He always felt that baseball was something that should be played, not watched. So, except for the occasional world series game, we didn’t watch baseball on television.

You should have seen the day when he told me there was strategy in baseball. My response was, “You mean, you don’t just hit the ball as hard as you can and then run as fast as you can???” (He has been my greatest coach in learning to appreciate the game, and I might just have given him a reason to remember why he loves the game too.)

I played softball as a girl – which is NOT the same as baseball. I was terrible, so I am certain I didn’t pick up a love for the sport as a player of softball.

But a spark might have been lit when Bear played a few seasons in the girls softball league. There was something so enjoyable and relaxing about being outside on a balmy Colorado night listening to the “ting” of an aluminum bat as it hit the ball. I guess I have just transferred that to baseball – of course now it is a “crack” of a wooden bat hitting a ball. 🙂

Now, sitting in the backyard with a book or a sewing project in my hands while the radio plays in the background reminds me that summer is a time to be enjoyed. In reality, I probably only listen to three partial games a week, but I always check the internet the next morning to see how the Rockies did the night before. I can’t help it, it is part of summer for me!

And right now the Rockies and Dodgers are tied in the top of the ninth….. got to go!

What are your guilty pleasures?

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