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The April Garden

April 30, 2012

I am gaining great satisfaction from my garden these days. It is staying right on target with its production. I wish I could same the same about our school work. 😦

This is my favorite vegetable bed. I put up the pea fence so they could curl their little tendrils and reach for the sky. The radishes are thinned and ready to grow spicy bulbs of crunchy salad makings. The lettuce and walking (Egyptian) onions are filling out the bed.

Here is the next bed. It has already yielded me several spinach salads. The carrots are starting to look like carrots and the parsnips are a little thin. I think I will try to sprinkle a few more seeds along the row and see if they germinate any better now that it is warmer.

Remember my experimental greenhouse….. I know it is working because we had frosty  temperatures last week.

Well, it is working, especially since I put the soaker hose inside. Plants like water. 🙂 Those are bean plants…. in Colorado…. in April!  There are a few bare spots that I am going to poke some seeds into in this bed too. And I have to do some cultivating and weeding chores to do.  But let me say one more time…. Those are bean plants,  in Colorado, in April!!

The sage is starting to leaf out too….

And now for my garden bling –  blooming columbine. I don’t think Colorado could have picked a prettier state flower. Just love columbine, don’t you?

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  1. April 30, 2012 6:01 pm

    Think you’re weather is a little ahead of us. I’m thinking after this week mine might be popping up a bit more. It’s supposed to be rainy and warm for like the next 4-5 days! Love Columbine too, I’ve got a pink and almost black on up. It’s been so cold here the last 7-10 days everything has slowed right down. I just blogged on the garden too but it won’t post till either tomorrow or Wed., can’t remember. I typically pre-post. Yours looks great, keep up the good work!

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