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Children: Their Own Faith

April 6, 2012

This is an attempt to write about raising children. Please keep in mind that I am still in the midst of this learning process. (Although some of the children are certainly adults – and I am so proud of they adults that they are!)  Ask my children and they will tell you that I am not perfect yet. So, believe without reservation the truths from God’s Word, but take my opinion as just that – an opinion.

As Christian parents we are zealous to see our children exhibit faith in God. That is good, but that faith has to rest in “their” God and not just “our” God. Let me explain what I mean.

While it is important to teach your children when you lay down, when you rise up, and when you walk in the way. Teach them all the time about God! Retell the accounts of his faithfulness to Israel, to the early church, to the heroes of the faith from long ago, and from those present today. Recount daily God’s faithfulness to you in your life – for the big things and the small things.

Show your children, by example, that it is important to obey God’s Word and the Spirit’s leading. Check your own relationship with your God. Is it evident every day of the week? The truth is that people make time for what is important to them. What do your choices reveal about your priorities?

But when the time comes to watch your children go through difficulties, let me encourage you to allow those hard times to teach your children about a personal God, who does care about every part of their lives. Be there to watch, guide, and help them see God’s providence. Ask them how they think God is working in their lives and eagerly listen to their testimony. No incident is too small or inconsequential. Train them to look for His hand.

Don’t teachthem to pray only for what is “easy” or “likely.” Teach them to pray with faith for all their needs and even their desires. God is big enough to take care of His own reputation. I don’t have to make Him look good, because He is good.

And when God says “no” to a request, help them understand that while we don’t always understand He does or His reasons, but we can trust Him to be consistent with His righteouness. He knows all things and is all powerful and will always act for our best, and sometimes that is a long-term best.

So whether adversity is right there on your doorstep or across the street, cast your fear aside and move forward in faith, cling to His promises, and trust in His faithfulness. Be an example in how you live, but give your children room to test God and find him faithful themselves.

In that way, you will give them “their” God and not just pass on “your” God.  As they grow they will have those memories of a real and personal God to strengthen their faith, because THEY have tried Him and found Him faithful.

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  1. April 6, 2012 11:17 am

    i sooo like this!

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