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The View from my “Vast Domain”

March 30, 2012

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. I am waiting patiently for my seeds to sprout. Well, maybe not so patiently. Each morning I survey my “vast domain” and here is the report:

itty, bitty, teeny, tiny lettuce

I usually don’t get my seeds in the ground so early, so usually the radishes and lettuce pop up in about 4 days. This year they took all ten days….. but my soil temps were MUCH cooler at the outset. In addition to the lettuce and radishes, the spinach is coming up nicely. There are a few green spots in the rows of peas that give me hope for them to pop up soon too.

In my cold frame, several beans have germinated, but this is still considered an experiment. 🙂

tomatoes and a few cilantro - but no marjoram

Inside, the tomatoes are ready to move from the peat pellets to soil, and I am going to start some basil and peppers. 

Thyme and savory - just transplanted

A few herbs that are growing now too. The cilantro just came up this week, but still nothing from the marjoram. I already transplanted the thyme and savory to pots.

I really need to clean this bed and put new mulch in - maybe today

I finally removed last year’s leaves from the rose beds. I use these as mulch over the winter. I cleaned out the front perennial garden and spread fresh mulch around it. Maybe today I will get the iris and rose beds cleaned up. I am putting off  raking the pine needles from the shrubbery. I have successfully done this for two years now and it  is a mess!

Oh, how I wish we didn’t have to get “real” school work done…. or make dinner…. or clean the house…. or do laundry….. or…..

Well, I must go put the white chocolate ganache on the dark chocolate zuchinni muffins. Yum!

Have a super weekend!

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