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Important Note: There IS a Difference Between Puff Pastry and Phyllo Dough

March 26, 2012

(Warning: DO NOT try this at home.)

Oh my, I have done something tonight that I have never ever done before.  Unless you count the time that I forgot to turn the oven on after I put the roast in; then this would be the 2nd time. But the roast turned out fine, just a few hours late.  Oh and there was that other time when I had to cook a turkey for Paul’s office party and I forgot to remove the giblets from the neck cavity since I wasn’t stuffing the turkey. It turned out fine too, just kinda weird.

Tonight was a full-blown failure – the kind where I called my husband on his way home from practice….. well, I am getting ahead of myself…

It all started when I saw a cooking show with these amazing turkey turnovers. Turkey in a cream sauce with a slice of brie, placed inside puff pastry, cooked to a golden perfection and then drizzled with an orange glaze. Oh, my, I had to make these for my family!

I looked on-line for a recipe, but could not find an “official” one. So I did the next best thing: I found someone who saw the same show and made them for her family and then blogged about it. Yes!!!!! I have a recipe!

I cooked a chicken (you do know that you can get turkey when you cook a chicken, right 🙂 ). I went to the store and looked all over for frozen puff pastry. I found an empty spot next to the phyllo dough. Obviously the most popular brand had sold out and so I purchased the other phyllo dough.

After and extremely late soccer practice, I returned home to bake my turnovers to golden perfection before the crew arrived home from wrestling practice. As I took the phyllo dough from the package, I knew something was wrong.  But, as someone who prides herself in making Plan B work as well as Plan A, I tried to make the turnovers with phyllo dough.

As I placed the warm filling onto several layers of the thin dough squares, the dough – well, how do you describe it? – it didn’t rip, it desinegrated. Plan C: Wrap another layer around it…. hurry, another layer.  This is what it looked like:

Oh, my! this is not going to work!

Plan D: Before the phyllo dough dries out, cut large circles, place into several layers into muffin tins and then plop some filling into the dough, throw a slice of cheese on top and stick it in the oven.

This is the place where I called Paul and mentioned that I did something tonight that I have never ever done before.

Without missing a beat, he said, “Your turkey turnovers didn’t work out, huh?”

I mentioned that he might want to stop by a burger place and bring some home for all of us.

 “That kinda hurts my feelings that Dad didn’t even have to guess what went wrong,” I told Gary.

“Well, Mom, you told him that you did something you have never done before. So apparently, you have already made every other possible mistake.”

I love that kid!

For the next 15 – 20 minutes all I could think about whether you needed to grease the muffin tins or not. Hoping against all hope, I prepared the orange glaze just in case they were edible. 

Plan D

 Actually, they were not that bad. At least the ones that came out of the tins. 🙂

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