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Sabbath Rest

March 21, 2012
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I have been thinking about Sabbath traditions and where they fit into the life of a believer.

You know I have been following Dr. Horner’s Bible reading plan this year. That is 10 chapters daily, one chapter from each of ten lists. The cohesiveness of God’s Word has been a blessing to me.

 This last week, I have read through the Law recorded in Exodus and at the same time reading in the early chapters of Romans. It is in this light that I was thinking about the Sabbath.

First of all, the keeping of the law does not lead to our salvation. Salvation is of grace through faith.

Secondly, the Law is not a bad or worthless thing to be thrown away, just because it can not work salvation – in fact, was never meant to save.

God commanded the Children of Israel to observe “throughout all their generations” the keeping of the Sabbath. The reason: “That ye may know that I am the Lord that sanctifies you.”(Exodus 30:14)

The basis was that God rested on the 7th day of creation. God ceased from His “labor.” He set apart the 7th day. (Exodus 20:11)

Sabbath means to rest. Even the land itself was to be given rest periods and left fallow under the law.

Do you realize that this ‘Keeping of the Sabbath Day” was one of the chief irritations between Jesus Christ and the Pharisees. He was constantly healing and doing good on the Sabbath. 🙂

I am wondering how all this relates to me, a believer in Jesus Christ, saved by  grace through faith and not under the law.

Should I set aside a day in the week to rest? Not because I am tired, but because the God that created my body set up a schedule of work and then rest.  He even did it before He gave the Law.

I am in the process of defining what Sabbath would mean to me. It would most likely fall on Sunday in our home, because that is a day where a significant portion is already devoted to worship; but Sabbath has to do with rest.

It would not lack all “work” because I would prepare meals for the family and do the chores that come with that, but the attitude would center around rest.  

Sundays, for me,  have become days to try to “get caught up” on chores that have been left undone. It often is filled to the brim with items to accomplish things before life begins again on Monday.

It has not been about resting and enjoying the gifts that God has given to me.

I want my Sundays to focus to be on Jesus Christ. Through corporate and personal worship and in the actual “rest.” To cease from my own works and trust my Heavenly Father to provide the strength  and ability in the other six days of the week to accomplish the tasks before me.

What do you think about Sabbath?

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  1. Rosie P:otter permalink
    April 28, 2012 10:52 am

    I agree with you Candy
    Even if we have company for dinner after church, I like to get as much done on Saturday as I can, so that there is little left to do on Sunday am.m. Then, after company leaves, there should be time to take a nap!
    This is almost a “must” for Dale. Teaching and preaching is hard work – though a thoroughly joyful!.

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