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Curriculum Shopping

March 7, 2012

That's Bear working the booth last year at the HIM conference.

Friday and Saturday I will be at  the Home Instruction Ministries (HIM) conference in Loveland, Colorado. It will be my first conference of the season and I am so excited.

I am a vendor for Total Language Plus, but I will get a chance to slip away from the booth and do some shopping of my own.

I will be looking for science supplements and history/social studies curriculum. I am always keeping my eyes open for interesting, hands-on studies that I can multi-level with my elementary age children.

While we will stay with Apologia for the children, I will probably let Carl’s interests direct which study we do. As a soon to be second grader, he leans toward the kinetic learning style. (Read this post to find out why I love Apologia for elementary students.)

Last week I was so surprised as we completed some projects for his lap book  (since it had been three weeks since we finished the unit! ) about carnivorous plants, but boys DO NOT forget about cool plants that “eat insects.” He remembered the details of each class of carnivorous plants and I was so impressed. 🙂 {Happy mom squeal here.}

There will be a few booths that promise field trip heaven…. like the goat dairy, that I still want the kids to see. Who knows what I will find this year?

I’ll be checking out what is new in mathematics drills and manipulatives. (Have you heard of “lattice” math?)

And just maybe I will look for more Latin root teaching materials. It has been quite a few years since we did it as a group and I know that some of my children haven’t had a systematic course on that.

Then there are all the critical thinking and logic games…..

My habit is to collect catalogs and then look at them back at home. I hate purchasing something and then realizing it was not what I hoped it would be.

If you will be attending the HIM conference, please stop by and see Grace and me in the Total Language Plus booth.

What are you shopping for this year?

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