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Herb Garden Kit

February 23, 2012
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Yesterday spring was in the air for the gardens of the front range of Colorado….. but today, not so much. 😦

Spring is not here yet....

I wanted to show off my front flower garden all trimmed and ready for new spring growth, but alas, it is draped with a coverlet of snow. That project will wait and I will be happy for all the leaves that blew into my garden over the winter are still protecting any shoots that might be peeping up from the soil.

everything you need to get started....

Last week a friend sent me a garden gift. It is this little “greenhouse” along with peat pellets and herb seeds carefully packed into a mylar envelope. It even had printed directions and a CD!

I confess that I am a direction-reading gal. I read the manual on new toasters just in case anything has changed. 🙂 (This is a very sad and time-consuming habit.)

sage from last year

While I have had great luck with herbs – flat-leaf parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, chives, sage, cilantro –  in my outdoor garden spaces, I CAN NOT keep them alive in pots inside the house. The ones I tried to bring in from the garden last fall are sitting on the patio now after I realized that they were the cause of my household fruit fly invasion. Yuck!

The results of trying to bring herbs inside to winter....

After reading the directions, I think I stumbled on the reason. I am over-watering. I can fix that!

I am waiting just a bit before starting the seeds in the terrarium. It is still pretty early in Colorado and some of them will be moved outside.  I am going to keep some inside too, so wish me luck!


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  1. February 23, 2012 6:12 pm

    About half that I brought in are still with us, which I find amazing. Out in the garden is much easier! I’ll be putting my same seeds from that same wonderful friend into the garden (after sprouting), got to give them a chance! Have fun with your kit!

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