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A Light at the End of a (Wrestling) Tunnel

February 20, 2012

Ben, Katie, Jo, Mikey, and Drew

It is almost here! The end of the collegiate season is getting close. It has been a good year for the boys with only a few disappointments. Even though they were big disappointments we are bouncing back.

Jake’s last week of junior high wrestling is this week, then he and Carl have just two more weeks to finish their youth season. David’s high school season has wrapped up for the year except for the awards banquet.

With all the different schedules to keep up my housekeeping has suffered. We have been in survival mode with  only the most necessary of jobs getting done. Washing windows and dusting became a luxury. I really needed to buckle down and get the whole house cleaned up. I have a hard time focusing on anything when every room is screaming, “Clean me! Please, clean me!”

When Wednesday rolled around, Gary asked me if we could host the ministry team from Northland International University on Thursday and Friday night. The team of five students had a last-minute cancellation and needed a place to stay. I was reluctant, but my ever generous husband said, “Yeah, we can do that.”

That was just the kind of pressure I needed. There is nothing like a deadline to motivate me, 🙂 and by Thursday afternoon, the house was back in working order.

Four of the five students are personal friends of Gary. Jolena will actually become his sister-in-law this August! It is always a pleasure to meet my kids friends and this group was exceptional.

Daniel bought enough gasoline (10 gallons at a time) to earn half-price lift tickets to Copper Mountain for the team, himself, and two brothers. They spent a crisp and beautiful Friday on the slopes and came “home”  with many stories to tell, only one sunburn, and no injuries – unless you count sore muscles.

It was such a blessing to host these guests! The house rang with hearty laughter and much conversation.

I am always apprehensive about hosting groups. My 4-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath house is not a mansion by any means, besides we already have 8 residents. I don’t feel like we have “enough” to offer guests  in accommodations and such., but I am so glad every time we have guests!

Maybe hospitality doesn’t have to do with your house……..

I hope the team was as blessed with the fellowship as our family was!


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