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Snow Day!

February 5, 2012

This is a picture 3 days after the storm.

Oh, my! We had a much-needed snow day last Friday. Usually our homeschool does not indulge in unscheduled days off. Because this was a special snowfall measuring over 20″ and my sanity depended on having a day to catch up on housework, book work, and a Christmas sewing project that was long-delayed, we enjoyed a good old-fashioned snow day!

I am realizing that our life has been a bit on the serious side lately – well actually VERY MUCH on the serious side. The tyranny of the urgent has taken over and I have been overwhelmed. consequently the entire tone of the household has morphed into “GO, DO, BE – IMMEDIATELY!!!” It is not fun to live like this. And when Mom is not happy, no one is happy. Sorry, kids!

My “To Do” list was so long that I think I would have declared a snow day even if the weather forecast was wrong and not a single flake had fallen….. Although having the school declare an actual snow day meant that all three wrestling practices and a soccer practice were canceled too. 🙂

I LOVE snow!

Spring snows in Denver are the best because, unlike the frozen northwest corner of Colorado, or Northern Idaho, when snow comes to Denver, the  sun shine will melt it off the roads rather quickly, even though the high temperature has not been above freezing since the last flake landed.

All the beauty and just a wee bit of the hassle! There are tradeoffs (like not being able to go cross-country skiing anytime I want to) but I am learning that it can be winter without a white blanket covering the landscape.

I am counting the snowfall as a great watering for the trees, shrubs, and garden plots. Later this week I want to fashion my PVC pipe cold frames. If the project turns out well, I might poke a few seeds in the ground too.

Spring is just around the corner!

Happy Monday everyone!

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