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Believing and Praying

January 25, 2012

I have been reading a book on the topic of prayer and at its heart is the question, “Does prayer make a difference?”  If God is sovereign – and He is! – does prayer really change outcomes? What do you believe? Your belief will determine your prayer life.

About six years ago, I spent much time praying specifically about college for my two oldest children. I prayed about choosing the right college, but more than that I prayed about the college tuition.  Paul and I wanted the children to complete at least one year of Bible college, but where and HOW would this be accomplished?

I prayed in the morning, I prayed in the night, I prayed in the car, and while doing dishes, and folding clothes, and…. I poured out my heart to God in conversations, and He answered with scripture verses creeping into the forefront of my conscience.

One day, as I cried out again to the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, the God that can do all things, my prayer coming to an abrupt stop.

“I know I don’t deserve Your blessing and provision. I know I am unworthy. I feel like an adopted child in a room full of natural children.”

Immediately,  I realized that, except for His only begotten Son, all of God’s children are adopted. In His eyes, we are all redeemed with the precious blood of the Lamb without blemish or spot. Jesus Christ’s righteousness is what God sees. We are righteous because He paid the price for our sins, and only because of that. Every one of us on the same ground! Each of us –  ADOPTED!

That realization didn’t make me any more worthy or deserving of God’s blessings than I was just a minute before, but it changed my focus and belief in prayer.

I knew that God was powerful and could work every miracle in my life. That was not where my faith was lacking. What I didn’t believe was that He would provide for this “need.” After all, I didn’t deserve it.

Praise the Lord! Prayers are not answered in relation to worthiness. It isn’t about “earning” his favor. It is about an all-powerful God who delights in mercy and give good gifts.

So when you pray, start by realizing that what we really deserve is death and everything else is grace.



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