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Organization: Clipping Magazine Recipes

December 22, 2011

I enjoy collecting and making new recipes. With Pinterest it is now very easy to collect on-line recipes on your own web-based design board, but how do you deal with recipes clipped from magazines?

Since magazines add clutter to my  living areas,  I try to go through them and glean any articles, references, or recipes soon after receiving a new edition. 

I collect any recipe that I am interested in trying and place it in a manila folder. After trying the recipe, I make a decision if it is a “keeper” or not. 

If if something we will enjoy again, I tape it on notebook paper in a three-ring binder of my collected recipes. I have dividers in the binder indicating categories of recipes just like a cookbook. I put notes beside the recipe indicating if I need to double the recipe or try in a crock pot – anything I think is important.

If it is not suitable for our family, it goes in the trash. Easy as pie! 🙂 A favorite quote from my gracious husband: “This recipe is really great, Honey. Let’s have it once every 24 months.”  Tips like these and the amount of leftovers not eaten the next day are indicators of whether the recipe makes the cut or not.

If you are an extreme collector of clipped recipes, feel free to have several file folders for different categories of recipes.

One thing I have learned in this process: freely include photographs associated with the recipe. It  will provide a visual cue for you when looking through your file folder or your binder.

How do you organize your clipped recipes?

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