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December 17, 2011

Two years ago we had a family ski day. That afternoon, the message boards at the lifts posted something like ….. “Paul and Candy: come to the medic hut.” 

We were already aware of Jake’s dilemma, because we noticed from the ski lift that some poor, unfortunate child was being loaded into the “dead sled.” Our next question was, “Why is Bear standing so close to the medic and said child?”  It only took one double take to notice that the helpless child was wearing a coat just like Jake’s.

While Paul skied ahead and caught up with the rescue team, I skied slowly with Carl. The other children read the message and congregated at the medical hut too. When the EMT noticed the crowd gathering in his work area, He simply stated, “Only immediate family allowed in here.”

“We ARE family,” was the chorused response. If there wasn’t so much tension, if would have been followed by several “Jinx!”

Family! How I love this family! When I am tempted to think how much they interrupt my life, I remember that they are my life.

As I worked yesterday to get the house all cleaned (and thank you Carl, Grace, Jake, and Gary, for all your help too) for  JP, Erin, and Nicky to arrive for Christmas with the family, the excitement grew. We will all be together again. The boys will wrestle and the girls will cook. We will laugh, play games, tease  and hurt each other’s feelings, and forgive, and……. we will do it together.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful family – for all the interruptions, for the dirty dishes, the laundry overflowing, for the broken windows, and dents in the car. Thank you for the people who make my life crazy and fun.

 If you are wondering, there was nothing that a few months in a cast couldn’t fix for Jake. It is all part of the memory!

Blog posts are on the back burner, for a few days, because my family is home!

from a few years ago....


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  1. December 19, 2011 5:49 am

    What a beautiful family!!

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