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Just a little Christmas Memory

December 7, 2011

At Christmas time in 1993 we lived in Craig, Colorado. Now, Craig is certainly a big enough town to find all you will need to have a blessed Christmas, but our family decided to take a trip to the “big city” of Grand Junction. So we packed up JP, Nicky, Gary, and baby Bear for the 3-hour trip.

The children’s excitement contagious and the whole family was busily dreaming of gift ideas for each other. We had a system, all of us shopping together and then Paul or I would split from the rest of the group to make purchases and stow them away behind the back seat of the minivan before meeting with the family again.

Finally, almost done, with just two more gifts to purchase. Only Daddy went into the store this time and I stayed with the children and nursed Bear. Although, their little bodies were tired, their minds were in overdrive imagining all that Christmas would be.

They were trying to be subtle in the way that only a 5 and 6-year-old can be. In tandem they would ask questions only to have me give the same reply.

“Is it big and red? with three wheels?”

“I am not telling.”

“Can I put it in my  room? on my bed?’ 

“I am not telling.”

“Is it something to wear?  to church?”

“I am not telling.”

Can we play catch with it? in the yard?”

“I am not telling and you better keep your noses out of things back there.”

(Little voices that I could hear the smiles in…..) Ohhh, so it is something we can smell.

“I am not telling…. not ever.” Telling Christmas secrets spoils the surprise.

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    December 9, 2011 10:20 pm


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