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Making Victorian (Looking) Christmas Ornaments

November 16, 2011

 Merry Christmas! It is getting that time of year again! If any of you are planning on an afternoon of crafting decorations this Thanksgiving, here is a super idea.

The ones made by my six-year-old looked nearly as perfect as the ones made by my college gal. The afternoon was filled with laughter and joy, and isn’t that what a glitter project should do?


  • 1″ styrofoam balls
  • round toothpicks – lots of them!
  • tacky glue
  • spray adhesive
  • glitter – any color
  • spray paint to match glitter (optional)
  • hairpin and monofilament line for hanger


Start with the hanger: using a piece of monofilament about 10″ long tie to make a loop. Attach the loop to the ball by dipping the ends of a hairpin (you might have to shorten the length) in tacky glue and pushing into the ball with the “legs” straddling the loop.

Place your toothpicks about a centimeter apart into the ball by dipping them into tacky glue first and then pressing into the ball. (Warning: don’t be tempted to space them too closely, it is easier to fill in then to take them out.)

before the glitter

Optional step: We sprayed ours with silver spray paint before gluing the glitter. This gives an even color to the styrofoam and wood so you can use the glitter more sparingly.  Let the paint dry.

Using spray adhesive, evenly cover the ornament and then sprinkle with the glitter, turning the ornament to cover as easily as possible. Let dry. Repeat.

Presto! Glitter everywhere and happiness to go with it. Maybe even a memory or two. Bank those memories up; you can never have too many good memories!

This idea came from the enrichment exercises for the Total Language Plus literature guide for A Christmas Carol. The guide fit right into the space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In all the busy-ness of the season it was a blessing to study this with all my students and to have fun doing it.

This year we are doing the Total Language Plus Christmas Vol. I guide. Can’t wait to start it!


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