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Second-Generation Christians

October 26, 2011

What is your perception of the term “second generation Christian“? As I was mulling over this post and trying to put my thoughts into words, what came out was not what I expected.

I wanted to write about the absurd-ness of the term. Since God only has children and does not have grandchildren; since each must singularly accept salvation and no one can do so for another.

I understand that it designates  a Christian who has come from a Christian home, where one or both parents had a profession of salvation. My ire rose from marginalization of these 2nd generation Christians; the “Oh, yeah, well you are a 2nd generation Christian,” as if that somehow makes it easier. As if your salvation experience was a “given” and not a quickening of your dead spirit through Jesus Christ.

What surprised me as I pondered this concept: my gratitude to my parents and grandparents who taught me with both their lives and their words what it means to be a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am a 2nd generation (or really a 3rd generation) Christian and it is okay.

I appreciate the times as a young child that I heard the Bible accounts (in church and at home) of miracles of God and the failings of His people because they taught me about an  unchanging  and powerful God who is just and merciful. These are foundations for my faith. These were the early proofs of my God, before I had seen His faithfulness in my own life.

Yes, it probably made my way easier, but now instead of feeling  “2nd class,” I am immensely thankful. I am certain the early knowledge of this wonderful salvation spared me much time in searching for the way.  God in His providence planned this for me and I praise Him.

Are there people in your life you need to thank? Are their people in your life that you are showing the way of salvation?

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