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Dear Mr. President……

October 25, 2011

President Bush at his ranch

This is the text of a letter that Carl wrote to President George W. Bush last year. It took two school days of handwriting for him to do it perfectly. I didn’t have an address, so we sent it to Crawford, Texas.

Dear Mr. President,

My mom said you could not be president again. She said you have a ranch. I think it is cool that you are a cowboy and a president. My name is Carl and I am six years old.



I love our political process. The whole idea of election day makes me come alive. The  concept of choosing people to represent me in government  makes me excited to cast my vote. What a great country!

Sure, I would like to turn back the clock to a more glorious time. A time when our Judeo-Christian values were not under attack and ethics were not based on each person’s feelings.

Will there be an election in your county this year? Are there local races and referendums that you will weigh-in on? Do you only get involved in “big” elections.

I know it can be discouraging to (at times) have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Often we are faced with a list of candidates and  we don’t know where they stand on issues. The fact is that it does take time to research those running for office and time is precious, but this is worth it.

There are many ways to be involved. The Bible tells us we need to pray for those in authority. Voting is another logical way to be involved. Those who wish to contribute cash are never turned away. You can donate your time or put up a yard sign. 

Here are some ways to find out about those people running for office: 

  • Attend local party meetings, you will often meet candidates there.
  • Read interviews in the local paper.
  • Research the candidate by visiting their website.
  • Check out voting records by availing yourself to political action groups around issues that are important to you.

I have taken the my children to political rallies. This is a great way to introduce them to politics. You may be raising the next president yourself, you know.

See you at the polls!


photograph: Signed and sent to Carl by President Bush’s office after receiving Carl’s letter.

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