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The Hunters Return

October 19, 2011

Oh, happy day! My husband will be home tonight with his scruffy beard (which I love!) As of right now, my hunters (Paul, David, and Jake) will return empty-handed, but it is entirely possible that they will have an opportunity to bag an elk today as they pack out. They have worked hard but just didn’t see the game this year.

Those first hours after arriving home are often the best. There are lots of stories to tell and a good  bit of teasing. Gary and Bear (Ellen) came home Sunday night with quite a few good memories that they have shared too.

Carl with the bronze Komodo dragon

While they have been gone, Grace, Carl, and I spent an afternoon strolling through the zoo. We went to a soccer game (and soccer practices) and church.

At the zoo (not Grace's best photo)

I made a few batches of salsa with my garden tomatoes. (I picked them green last week, before the hard frost, and they are ripening in cardboard boxes – only two boxes left!)


I shredded a ton of junk mail and updated my sales journals for the 3rd quarter…. unfortunately, I still have the disbursements journal to do, but…

All of the school records are caught up and so is the correcting! …. except for that pile of papers I found yesterday. 😦 I also finished a review of a new focus guide (Dragon’s Blood) for Total Language Plus which  will be in the next catalog.


I started sewing a Christmas gift (I love secrets) and started smocking some gingham for a curtain. I finished one to-do list of projects and started on another.

I did not defrost the chest freezer (I guess the lack of meat was de-motivating.) I didn’t get the patio furniture put away or the boys bedroom painted either. Maybe I planned too much.

I spent some time on Pinterest (maybe too much) trying to figure out how to use it. It is a fun way of remembering  (and linking) all the great ideas you find on the web. Comment to me if you would like an invitation.

Today, maybe I will get the patio furniture stored away. Tonight at church we will have our Kids4Truth Club. Paul and I are directors of that ministry at our church and he is surely missed when he is away.

I hope you all have a lovely and profitable day!

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