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Making Roman Blinds

September 16, 2011

I made these!

I have wanted to make Roman blinds for the boy’s room for years and I finally tackled the project this summer. It was fun and easy, and they look great. I searched the internet for advice and found the best place for information was Terrell Designs. They actually provide a calculator in  their website to do all the hard work. When you put in some information about your window size and the mounting, it will figure your fall length and placement for the battens. You can even print a supply list. Super easy!!! They also have a 4-part video series on YouTube, (Make a Classic Roman Shade Pt. 1,2, 3,&4) which I recommend you watch first, then again as you go through the steps.

This project took me two days to complete. Since the battens are glued, you need the extra day to allow for drying time. You will also need a large flat space to dry them that is undisturbed for about eight hours. The sewing skills needed for this project are basic; although, I would not recommend using an obvious stripe or diagonal pattern for your first time. Another bonus was the quick and easy installation of the blinds.

Gluing the battens

Here are some changes I made:

  • I glued and sewed in the battens.
  • I used 1/4″ dowels purchased from a local building supply.

Next time:

  • I will use light blocking lining. This would stop the shadows of the battens being visible.
  • I will probably purchase the batten material from a supply store. My dowels were slightly warped before I even brought them home. It really doesn’t make a huge difference (especially with light-blocking lining), but I want them perfect.
  • I will not sew the battens in. This was time-consuming, and I realize that the gluing is really all you need.

Now, I think my next project should be making a cornice around the top of the blinds since it looks a bit plain. Hopefully, it won’t take me years to tackle this project. 🙂 Have fun! 

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