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Homeschool Rewards System – Part 2

September 12, 2011

Carl is working hard today.

Part two of this series explains how we put our philosophy into practice at our homeschool.

I have set up our rewards system so the children earn points for completing their work done on time, rather than earning rewards for quality or quantity of work. (To clarify, as a homeschool mom, I don’t accept  poor quality work as complete, so the quality does play in this equation.) I said in Part 1 that I choose to reward the children with cash, so I have given the points a cash value of one cent each.

If a child finishes their daily work by 2P.M., they earn 100 pts.; if they finish by 3 P.M. they earn 75 pts.  Easy! That way I am encouraging them to get the day’s work done and not to dwaddle. (Times will vary by family and even age of children.) The things that can subtract from your reward are demerits at 10 pts. each. These are minor infractions like disturbing others with noise and talking, or being away from your seat without permission, etc. The big deduction is for attitude at our house. If I detect a bad attitude, I start with a verbal reminder letting them know that I expect them to change. We might need to talk about an issue, but regardless, the bad attitude will have to stop. If they choose to continue, it is 50 points down the drain.

I keep a simple grid for each child. It has enough rows for each week in the quarter (usually 10) and six columns, for each day of the week and a total column. I keep track of demerits using tick marks in the appropriate grid space. I make notations for time done and attitude demerits for the older kids; while with the younger ones, I have a sticker system to denote time finished and with or without  major deductions.

We do school four days a week, but I assign five days of work to be done. If the children finish in the first four days, they get the 100 points for Friday. If they still need to do some of the work, then they can earn demerits on Friday just like any other day. There is no reward for time finished on Fridays.

Grace is going to earn her points too!

We total each week and pay out at the end of the quarter. I find that money management lessons are easier to teach and to learn lessons with larger sums of money, and I only have to go to the bank once a quarter. 🙂

Remember that rewards are meant to be motivating. If the bar is set so we can never attain it, we will quit trying. A reward that is earned for something that challenges us is worth much more than if you earn it for something simple. So craft this to fit your own situation, but take it from me since we started this about 3 years ago, our school days have gone better. When that happens,  I am much happier.

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  1. September 21, 2011 1:28 pm

    I love this blog site, even more so the pics, do you take them yourself? Here in The UK i am blessed with a huge variety of blooms, probably the most spectacular of which are probably the early spring blooms. Am I Allowed To use a few of the images on my personal blog site? I’d back link any back to here naturally. Anna Wells

    • September 21, 2011 9:42 pm

      I am sorry, I can not give a blanket permission to use my pictures, since some contain family members and we have decided to protect their privacy by limiting their exposure.

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