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Planting More Vegetables Now

August 26, 2011

It has been so hot lately that it is hard to believe fall is on its way. The calendar along with the later sunrises are sure indicators of its arrival. I even saw some leaves turning in the neighborhood, too.

Fall is my favorite season. Balmy days and crisp mornings are reminders of harvest time and  storing up for the winter season ahead. Anticipation of  brightly colored leaves, sounds of honking geese, and smells of slowly simmered stews and soups are on my mind. Also, plans for planting  in the garden are dominating my thoughts today. Yes, planting now.

It is the perfect time here in the Rocky Mountain Region to throw some lettuce, spinach, and radish seeds in the ground. These warm days will help the seeds to germinate quickly and these vegetables still have time to yield there produce before the hard frosts come, that is, if the frost comes on schedule; but these vegetables will tolerate a blast of cold weather, if it shows up earlier than planned, too.

I actually have a garden bed ready to go right now because of an earlier failure: I planted my onions with the peas. I thought that when I pulled the pea plants as they slowed production in the hot summer, it would give the onions more sun and space to mature. Well, the peas strangled the onions  even though I provided  a fence for the peas to climb. Oh, well, you never know unless you try. And now, I have a place for my late season crops.


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  1. September 4, 2011 12:29 pm

    I need to get my cold frame weeded out and put a few things in for fall. It’s too late here to get much lettuce up in time. We’ll see, I never has as much luck in the fall as I do spring. Hope yours are starting to sprout by now!

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