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August 22, 2011

Planning for the next school year starts in July for me. I enjoy the hours of flipping through the pages of curriculum suppliers and seeing what is new. When we first started homeschooling 21 years ago, there were not as many choices; so I relish looking at all that is available today.

I have never been one to choose a supplier and purchase everything for each grade offered. I am rather eclectic. I purchased math books knowing that I would use and re-use them. In elementary grades, I chose what I thought would be fun to do with my children. That is why we spent an entire year studying ancient Egypt for our history and science lessons and the next year making models of each anatomy system. (I watched with horror as they took achievement tests asking which side of the tree the shadow would fall on. Did they know that? Yes!!)

I had been intrigued with the idea of Classical Education, but was not ready to throw away curriculum I had come to appreciate. Last spring I understood why the Classical model appealed to me. At its heart, it teaches students to think. In looking  back over the teaching choices I made; I understood why I use what I do. These may not be marketed as Classical, but they absolutely fit the criteria of creating a desire to learn and to think with discernment, rather than just rote memorization and regurgitation of  facts. So, I don’t have to throw away anything. 🙂

Some of the curriculums that I am sold on:

  • Total Language Plus – vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, and THINKING!
  • Apologia Science – elementary through high school
  • Saxon Math – (4th grade through high school)I think this is  logical and that is the way math should be. 
  • Mystery of History – this is a great program, but as more curriculums like this are being offered, so I am keeping an open mind.

Are you ready to start school?

Note: I am a representative for Total Language Plus. I have been using TLP for about 16 years and have been a representative for 4 years, because I believe in this product.

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  1. August 22, 2011 7:52 pm

    Worth note: Your first two students are both beginning their Graduate degrees this fall. This is a credit to your ability as an educator. Great work!

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