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The company was, is, and will be….

August 15, 2011

We were busy last week with company and it is going to continue through this month.  Last Monday we finally had our “new” Youth Pastor and his wife over for dinner. They have been at our church for nearly a year already. On Thursday two friends of the family (especially Gary’s) on their way back to college stopped for dinner and spent the night with us. My oldest son, JP and his wife, Erin, arrived on Saturday for a short (it is always too short) visit and next week, Gary’s girlfriend will come for a visit.

I love to have company! Anticipating company gives a purpose to my regular house cleaning routine and moves it up the to-do list a notch or so. It is good for me, because, while I like things orderly, I am not passionately consumed with cleaning.

Here are some ideas about entertaining:

  • Take the house cleaning  to a level above your regular clean. It is a way of saying this is a special occasion.
  • Aim for excellence, not perfection. Relax and enjoy. It is about the guest, not your house or the meal.
  • Do something special for your guest. Do they love flowers or cream soda? It is little act that says, “I am thinking especially about you.”
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff or the big stuff. An uptight  hostess puts everyone on edge.  Murphy’s Law and Gravity are  simply things that will come to pass. If you burn the main dish, make a memory and invite them back for round two.
  • Intimidated by having guests? Start small.  Inviting someone for dessert or coffee is showing hospitality. It will grow on you.

Entertaining can be a stressful thing because you are vulnerable. People are going to see you where you live. One of the biggest hindrances to true hospitality is putting on an act when you are with people that you can’t live up to at home. So be “real” all the time. 

So, when shall I drop by?

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